About Taiwan Wang Lai



Speaking of liquor, what comes to your mind? Rice wine, Kaoliang liquor, red wine? Whisky, brandy, fruit wine? Or, most recently, the popular tea liquor? For Mr. Huang, the founder of Taiwan Wang Lai Biotech Company Ltd., making these types of liquor is not a problem at all.

In the wine industry, Mr. Huang is a big wheel—everyone knows his name and how capable he is. Before the government lifted the ban on private wine-making, Mr. Huang had already knew a thing or two about wine production. His rich experience and huge success have attracted many teams and experts from other wineries to visit, to learn the secret of making fine liquor. Because there are no majors in wine production facilities or related fields in Taiwan’s universities, many school professors have taken their students to Mr. Huang’s winery to acquire the unique ways of wine-making. Some of them even stay as intern there. However, Mr. Huang never keeps his tips private; he always tries his best to help those who have a curious mind in wine making. Although experience and certain skills are crucial to the career, nothing is more important than work ethic. This is what Mr. Huang has been insisting on, which is also the creed of Taiwan Wang Lai.

An influential Buddhist monk once said, “Nowadays, the Five Precepts that have been passed down for centuries, should be changed to ‘no killing, no stealing, no lust, no obsession, and no drugs.’Liquor should be crossed out, since it has medical function…” And Mr. Huang’s idea also meets that claim—for many years, he has devoted himself to promoting fine liquor, to let more people know that good quality and moderate amount of alcohol are not a threat to health. With these two principles, and as a form of art, wine tasting is the same as tea tasting. Not only does it benefit your health but also color your life. Therefore, every day, a glass of wine is a must.

Since the day the company was established, its goal has been based on everybody’s health, to operate the winery with ethics and see it as a sustainable business.