Like Series

Taiwanese fruit is famous for its rich variety. We select the most featured fruit from different places in Taiwan. With our unique technique, through lone periods of refining and fermenting, it keeps its original flavors and fragrances and makes it special and unique. Like proved: It’s been a long wait but it’s worth it.

4percent-pinapple-4Vol-250ml 4percent-mango-4Vol-250ml 4percent-orange-4Vol-250ml 4percent-litchi-4Vol-250ml
 Like 4%-Pineapple  Like 4%-Mango  Like 4%-Orange  Like 4%-Lychee
4% ABV 250ml 4% ABV 250ml 4% ABV 250ml 4% ABV 250ml
 BosswaySeries_Lychee_10Vol_400ml  BosswaySeries_JuicyPeach10Vol_400ml  BosswaySeries_GraftingPear_10Vol_400ml  BosswaySeries_GraftingPear_28Vol_400ml
 Like series -Lychee  Like series-Juicy peach  Like series-Grafting pear  Like -Grafting pear
10% ABV 400ml 10% ABV 400ml 10% ABV 400ml 28% ABV 400ml
 like-pinapple-400ml-box  like-pinapple-750ml-box post_4vol-wines post_10vol-wines
 Like series-Pineapple  Like series-Pineapple   4% series   10% series
 10% ABV 400ml  10% ABV 750ml  4% ABV 250ml 10% ABV 400ml