Taiwan Kaoliangtran

Tianjiu Dragon-Taiwan Kaoliang

Our Tianjiu Dragon is distilled by pure solid fermentation process; even a drop has gone through all the complex procedures, under the care of skilled and experienced workers. Therefore, the spirit is tasteful as sweet dews, natural as fresh spring, fragrant as orchids. You will feel it smooth rather than spicy tasting after a glass of Tianjiu Dragon, and any headaches or hangovers won’t come to you. With our special techniques, the alcohol good for health can be kept, while the harmful one is got rid of. It is a perfect gift for both social gatherings and oneself.

Tianjiu Dragon-Taiwan Kaoliang Tianjiu Dragon-Taiwan Kaoliang Tianjiu Dragon-Taiwan Kaoliang
42% ABV 500ml 50% ABV 1000ml 58% ABV 3000ml
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33% ABV 500ml 53% ABV 500ml 55% ABV 360ml Glass bottles