Tea Wine


Taiwan Wang Lai: Tea Wine—Taiwan Oolong

In Chinese culture, for centuries, tea has been the literati’s favorite drink and wine has been the poets’ muse. Li Bai, the greatest Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty, once expressed his love of wine in one of his many famous poems, which emphasizes the essence of liquor—“If heaven loved not wine/ A Wine Star would not be in heaven/ If earth loved not wine/ The Wine Spring would not be on earth/ Since heaven and earth love wine/ Need a tippling mortal be ashamed?”

We pick up one of the Taiwan’s top 10 teas and add the floral aroma into our wines by special techniques. Our tea wines hold the health benefits of the tea and the smooth taste of the wine—it goes exceptionally mellow from the tip of the tongue to the back of the throat with a subtle sweet aftertaste. Drinking tea wine has been a good way to relieve the stress of modern busy life, and our Tea Wine Series are produced for your taste!


33度茶酒-單瓶禮盒 53度茶酒-單瓶禮盒
 Tea Wine-Taiwan Oolong  Tea Wine-Taiwan Oolong
33% ABV 500ml 53% ABV 500ml
Taiwan Sword Lion Royal Tea Liqueur
53% ABV 750ml Glass bottles