Wine Health Series


Bossway Red wine onion HUANG- JIN-CHONG CAO HAI-FU-RONG
12% 750ml Glass bottles 40% 600ml Glass bottles 36% 600ml Glass bottles
Onions can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, the treatment of high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, the treatment of insomnia, osteoporosis. The use of modern Chinese caterpillar fungus tune up the body, cure insomnia, dizziness, anemia, low airway resistance, impotence nocturnal emission, waist and legs and knees, renal failure, deficiency of tuberculosis cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, treatment of asthma, emphysema, neurasthenia. HAI-FU-RONG is the best cure rheumatism and high blood pressure, there are the following effects:
1. Shujinhuoxue
2. rheumatism pain
3. swelling detoxification
4. antihypertensive
5. Governance and back pain and so on.